Enhance your Bombardment Range

When you throw grenades, cryos, turrets, bioboms or antidote, you take aim at the place in the game screen with your gun cursor. You can actually aim even outside of the game screen. While you are shooting a gun, hold the left click on and drag the gun cursor to outside of the game screen, regardless inside or outside of the browser. When you utilize gun cursor widely in your display, you will get as double wide bombardment range as what you do just within the game screen. Furthermore, objects thrown outside of the view under certain conditions has the property of going through some walls and zombies to the falling point However, you will soon find some troublesome matters which hinder your aiming. You will often wrongly click various objects on your browser/Windows desktop. If you misclick the ‘close’ or ‘reload’ button on the browser, the game is instantly quit. If you grab the edge of the browser, your character unwillingly moves to a direction for tens of seconds. With the following optimized display methods, you can totally prevent those annoying misoperations : Play SAS4 in comfortable view sizes