Easy way to win a diamond in championship

There are evil badge-hunters who exploit every possible unfair methods to win championships in SAS4. Here I show a portion of that reality, show what they actually do. But I actually NEVER suggest these methods. Because you won’t be happy to win a diamond with these methods.
Surely they can do all things 7500pt of vs, 8000pt of apocs only in 5hours Through Cheats which gives them strength But always they wonder what it can do through them No great success to show No glory on their own Yet in their weakness It is there to let us know Cheating power is strong while they actually have no power It will carry them when they cant carry on Raised in its evil power, the weak become strong their cheating is perfect, their Exploitation is perfect We can only know The power that the Methods hold When we truly see how deep their weakness goes Their cheating in SAS4 begins Where their comes to an end We hear their humble cry and proves again Its strength is perfect when their strength is gone It’ll carry them when they can’t carry on Raised in its power, the weak become strong their cheating is perfect, His strength is perfect author:riverofking reference: http://forums.ninjakiwi.com/forum/sas…
Winning a diamond in championship is pretty easy. As for a gold badge, it’s far easier. In the following there’s nothing officially forbidden, nothing to be ashamed of for all SAS4 players. Virus Samples: Play only with your friends and your copy. Occupy the lobby and nobody will beat you. 250-350pt for every game is easy to win. Apocalypse: Ask your friend who has a very bad computer to play with. He can be a lagtank and all your apoc games will be infinite. Lagtank player must stand at the place on the map where he attracts all zombies, and you can dedicate yourself just to spam cryos to survive. No longer worry about Dark Minions, even when DM necros come. Exactly no need even killing zombs, just survive 51 waves and you’ll get 2000pt every game. It’s not a must but better to kill them to save your time. Due to the bad computer you will often see wave skipping bugs, it will also help to save your time. Tools: Internet traffic controlling tool:■■■■■■(deleted) Chat tool:Discord