The most beneficial side hustle

YouTube ad for 美_CH
The same guy on another channel 令和の副業スタイル
What are the most financially beneficial side hustles these days? That’s a damn brilliant question I’ve never been asked in my entire life! Let me guess, I paused the video…
…They would be an F1 driver, neurosurgeon, supermodel, investment banker, and astronaut.

Those are some fancy jobs I only know the names and don’t have any further knowledge about their industry. Also, any of them doesn’t necessarily have to be your 2nd job but they can be.
You guys must have got a waaaay smarter answer as you Japanese are arguably the highest IQ people in the world. I’m so excited to resume the video, here we go…

…Ugh, I couldn’t watch the rest of your video because I clicked “Block ad” in My Ad Centre as I habitually do that all the time. Of course, I also clicked the dislike button for a little bit of my emotional support.

I got the other ads from the same guy. I don’t even know who he is but definitely, these all are in the top 10 tier of my favorite disgusting advertisers on YouTube.

Disgusting YouTube ad for 美_CH
Another version (11-3)

Again I didn’t watch it for a second but looked into the channel homepage. This is the channel description;

I can’t decipher this gibberish but I’m sure I don’t need to. Maybe it’s just one of the requirements for his Amazon affiliate program.

I will keep clicking every single one of your ads. I don’t know if it’s just a waste of your budget but you can block me out whenever you want to. It’s easy, just put the proper language targeting settings on your Google Ads account.

Another ad presumably from the same guy 株式会社BANKEN

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