Naked mole rat guy claims “90% off”

YouTube ad for 株式会社SmartLife_3
Maybe you are expecting your audience to have an IQ of a naked mole rat.
As you try to sell your items on YouTube, any normal person with common sense would assume your price would be double, or maybe even triple the average retail price in the real world.
But you decided to claim “90% off” anyway, while everyone knows your “normal price” only exists in your big brain with an IQ score of 4.5. No one cares but I care enough to ask if you are actually a naked mole rat and doing this for your ally naked mole rats, aren’t you?

Another version (102F背景37)

In this version, he claims the price is “cheaper than an outlet”. I’ve never known yet what his intentions were but who cares. For me, I just wanted to waste your budget by clicking it.
Anyway, it goes on like this; “Grab the secret report video, it’s free only for now! All you have to do is to fill in your email address from the blue button below”
Oh whoa, I can’t believe I’m given such an amazing giveaway while you are paying Google for doing this.
So I promise I will keep clicking everything you sent out until the day when you set the proper language targeting settings on your Google Ads account. Of course, you can opt me out anytime and it’s absolutely for free!

Another version (102E背景38)
Another version (f8背景⑧)
Another version (102G背景40)
Another version (102D背景40)
Another version (102E背景40)
Another version (Style Watch2)
Another vresion (115E⑱)
Another version (0513 Style Watch)
Another version (f8背景⑩)
Another version (0516 Style Watch2)
Another version (0516 Style Watch1)
Another version (0519 Style3)
Another version (0519 Style2)

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