It allows an 80-year-old man to go 5 rounds

Stupid YouTube ad (Got Banned lol)

Oh, whoa! These guys are trying to sell illegal drugs on YouTube ads! As a law-abiding responsible citizen, I should send the report to Google, and maybe to the police too!
It pretends to be a normal ad for some innocuous vitamin tabs except for the 100x overpriced price, but I might be deceived. Presumably, it contains some illegal substances!

I filled up the report form to explain why it was violating Google’s ad policy;
“It claims they provide the special chemical substances tailored for the use of doping. Maybe they are advertising unethical or even legally banned drugs like androgenic hormonal substances. Otherwise, simply they are lying using the wrong medical terms. Either way, their narratives shouldn’t be allowed as they are glorifying the unethical and|or illegal medical interventions to athletes, called doping.”

The case is most likely that they are mimicking someone illegal who is pretending to have nothing to do with any illegal drugs. In short, it’s just an overpriced bottle of normal vitamin tabs.

These people always come in with those unoriginal, corny copywritings circulating in their industry like this one saying “We are introducing our latest male enhancement pills, called ‘Ultimate oral doping for your Junior’. It allows an 80-year-old man to go 5 rounds in a night”.

Most internet users recognize these things in a second and already have the protocol to keep sanity until the 5-second timer runs off. We turn our eyes away from the screen, try to shut the auditory nerves, or somehow reduce its neurotransmitter levels so that our brain gets as few dirty footprints left as possible.

Those low-IQ advertisers believe their copy is so convincing just because of the word “doping” which is the most powerful magic spell that brings the magnificent chemical trick, which necessarily involves injectable drugs, which is not true. They also believe people would think it’s such an innovative product that allows them to exploit the loophole to go doping without any injection devices.

Japan is such a clean country that doesn’t have a massive fentanyl or cocaine addict population like the US that people never see or touch syringes and needles in daily life except at a hospital. These circumstances made this pea-brain advertiser believe their copy sounds valid.

Another version
LoL Did you guys get banned for some inappropriate ads? Use your brain and just configure the proper LANGUAGE TARGETING SETTINGS on your Google Ads account, then send out your stupid ads only to Japanese viewers. Until then, I will keep wasting your budget and reporting any inappropriate content I can find in your ads to Google. Good luck!

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