I tried to opt out of seeing your stupid ads

Disgusting YouTube ad
Another Version (10jaktyo1_0429_1)
Another Version (6jaktyo_0426_7)
Another Version (6jaktyo_0426_9)

You say something is free for somebody in the starting 10 sec, but everybody knows nothing comes for free. You didn’t say that? Ok, nobody is buying you, anyway. You only impress yourself as a scammy shitbutt.

Today I clicked it again just to waste your budget and will keep clicking all of them. If you don’t like it, you can set the proper language targeting on your Google Ads and block out me. Stop bothering me.

On my side, I’ve tried to opt out of seeing your stupid ads by flagging you on “More about this channel > Report user > Hide user from my channel” and also done by checking “Block ad” in My Ad Centre but neither seems to be working. Maybe Google wants me to keep watching them and wasting your ad budget. Only you can stop it.

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