Reporting Annoying YouTube ads to Google #03

I’m reporting again this annoying YouTube ad for their unimpressive website that represents their shady business trying to sell something I don’t even want to see and waste a second on.  The video is uploaded also on YouTube;

It says “YouTubeからあなたに質問です” in the beginning, pretending as if they were officially endorsed by YouTube or even they were part of YouTube. This needs to stop.

On the left side at the bottom, most YouTube ads have a tiny link text like “Sponsored – 0:12 ⓘ” It’s clickable only on the letter “ⓘ”, which is virtually unclickable until you find out it’s technically clickable if your mouse cursor miraculously hit it despite its imperceptibly small font. It leads to the report form through “My Ad Centre”.

As usual, Google doesn’t provide any useful information about the advertiser. “Name = 予備アカウント, Location = Japan”, that’s all.

Can my report stop it? Probably no. If it could, it only affects this one specific ad among the tens of similar ones they run.
Clicking “Block ad” on My Ad Center only suppresses the shown ad in question just for me. More importantly, I will still see similar ads they created unless Google bans the entire ads across their account, and it will never happen. But I report each one of them whenever it shows up anyway, hoping it affects its Quality Score and consequently, it lowers their account level/campaign level QS.

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