■■■■■■( deleted)

■■■■■■( deleted) is a tool which you can control your internet connection speed with. In championships of SAS4, it is now a must tool for everyone who wishes an easy diamond. https://www.■■■■■■( deleted).com/
For Apocalypse
■■■■■■( deleted) enebles your normal computer to simulate a very bad computer so that you can be a good lagtanker in apocalypse. It is true that you can be a lagtank in apoc when you play on a real bad computer, but it also carry a high risk that your browser crashes in late waves. It means no points for both or either of players. On the other hand, simulated bad computer on good one will certainly brings you a maxed score. Lag issues naturally accompany this game, and everyone lags more or less in late waves of apoc. Actually good apoc players have an ability not only to kill and survive, but also to control lag on himsel/teammates and prevent their computer from crashing in late waves. Those can be built only on their long experiences and great devotion to this game. But in terms of using ■■■■■■( deleted), you can easily control when and how your game lags, and it’s very safe way to be a cheap langtanker. Now you need no thousands of times of devotion to this game, nor decent character built any more. For Virus Samples Prolong your loading time and be the master of every lobby. Get rid of bothersome plebs efficiently, not only for your own benefit, but also for saving everyone’s time as well.