Discord – it has been the very badge-hunters tool which ruins experiences of non-badge-hunters in sas4. Of course Discord is just a tool, it doesn’t work without human resources in it. Good person makes a good use, and the evils entirely make evil ones. Someone in some discord channel would say, they are just building their “partnership”, it sounds good. But actually it is an agency to manipulate scores in championships. Be careful; there exists multiple channels around SAS4 in whole of discord, while nothing is NK-official one. Nevertheless some of them is showing up the name ‘Aaron’ and other persons concerned with NK as moderators on their screen. Not sure whether it is at NK’s will, but at least the channel’s owners can give the moderators role to Aaron’s discord account anyway. And also they are clever enough to know showing ‘Aaron’ helps themselves to have some kinda power in discord. Players population is declining and now it’s getting below a thousand. 3-6 ppl would be enough to drive championship diamonds.